I still have a mouse!

January 5th, 2017 Posted in Uncategorized

Except, I’m pretty sure it’s just the one. Quick back story: I had a lot of mice, who not only didn’t run when when I filmed them they seemed only too happy to pose and mock me. I blocked off every possible opening into my apartment.

I know it sounds like wishful thinking, but he ran under the stove and when I pulled out the stove to see what I might have missed, or the opening they might have created, there weren’t any. The mouse had no place to go so he ended up running at and past me. What I think happened is, when I was blocking all the gaps around my apartment, he was still in the apartment and now has no way out.

Cute bags at the Kate Spade store on Bleecker. Except they are made of leather and that is not cute. I would encourage all designers to design using cruelty-free materials.


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