In Search of the Perfect Lunch Spot

I’ve been trying to find the best spot at Carl Schurz Park to sit and eat my lunch. Sitting right on the river is lovely, but it’s too hot out in the sun now. When I sit at one of the few benches in the shade, ants appear and start crawling on me. Not many, but enough to be annoying.

So I’ve been exploring inside the park. The problem was locating a spot I liked that’s both in the shade and has a nice view and feel. Then yesterday I stepped down into this. It’s a quiet circle of benches, most of which are under trees, and it has a slightly secluded, Secret Garden-like feel.

There might be better spots but this is already on the edge of too far from the ASPCA Kitten Nursery, where I work. I don’t want to spend half my lunch hour getting there and back. So I’m declaring this as my spot!

Stacy Horn

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