Bleecker and Bodhi

Of the two kittens, Bodhi likes Bleecker best. He’ll often curl up with him to sleep, and initiate play. Here is Bodhi, nestled under Finney’s chin. This makes me more happy than I can say. For so long Bleecker only had Finney, who had zero interest in him. It was awful for everyone. Bali likes Bleecker too by the way, but Bodhi loves him. (Bodhi loves everyone though. SLUT.)

Stacy Horn

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4 thoughts on “Bleecker and Bodhi

  1. Is Bodhi the more stripe-y one? Maybe the stripes don’t show up as well in all lighting conditions.

  2. I noticed the subtle stripes on Bodhi as well. Lucky Bleecker, now the King of Kitten Kingdom with snuggles and playtime!

  3. They both have the subtle stripes, but they might be slightly more visible on Bodhi. Bodhi is smaller, has more of a bat face, and he also has a bad patch, which makes telling them apart more manageable.

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