I’m Missing a lot of Work

January 31st, 2018 Posted in Uncategorized

I’m home from work while a workman tries to put my bathroom back together. In addition to the joys of being waterless, and now shower-less, I’ve missed so many training days at the ASPCA Hospital. It was going so well too. Today I was being trained on “appointments” when I got the call that a worker was on his way (I rushed home and he arrived four hours later).

The Hospital was until recently an emergency room. They are now appointments only, which is not to say that they’d turn a bleeding animal away. That said, they’re going to try to educate the public about taking emergency cases elsewhere from now on.

I enjoy the pace of appointments, and the chance to spend time with both the owners and the animals. They were also starting to let me do more hands-on today. I got to hold my first animal while they did a blood draw. Okay, it was a tiny little chihuahua who was muzzled, but it was still scary! And exciting to do my first!

I like this slightly disturbing sidewalk art.

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