Broad Band Panel at the New Museum

I was on a panel for Claire L. Evan’s new book Broad Band: The Untold History of the Women Who Made the Internet (I’m in the book!) sponsored by the New Museum and Rhizome (thank you!). Jaime Levy was also on the panel. From the website:

“Jaime Levy was an early Echo user—she posted as “Kurt’s Brains”—and a host, in her East Village loft, of the part-rave, part-hackathon “Cyber-Slacker” salon. She went on to become the creative director of, an influential early web publication that showcased the web’s creative capacities through interactive design: chatbots, games, and graphic hyper-text were fixtures of the site, which would influence a generation of online publishers.”

The panel from my point of view. It was a very nice turnout and I loved their feedback after the panel was over. It was mostly young women which was so great.

Here is the panel from the audience’s point of view. From left to right that’s Claire, me and Jaime.

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