I Have a Q&A in The Millions!

May 11th, 2018 Posted in Uncategorized

Thanks to Sarah Cords, I have a Q&A in The Millions!! I loved her questions, she really did her homework. It begins with: Stacy Horn defies death by ceaselessly writing books about it.

A perfect start. Thank you so much Sarah!!

We rehearsed with the orchestra last night (I sing with the Choral Society of Grace Church). This is a shot before rehearsal began.

This is from my point of view from the very last row in the back. I actually like it there. As you can see I have a great line of sight. The downside is you are not in the thick of things, surrounded by singers, with harmony all around you. But weirdly, I could hear the altos very well from this position, and they have beautiful lines in the Haydn piece we’re singing.

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