Some Shots from the Pride Parade 2019

July 1st, 2019 Posted in Uncategorized

Actually, not my best year for photographs, sorry! I got there late and didn’t get a good spot for taking pictures. Plus, I was tired. And my knee hurt. And my finger. One of my cats has diarrhea. I’m almost finished with a really great book, and I don’t want it to end. There was nothing good on tv. It was just a tad too hot out. Trump is still … I can’t even say it. It’s really hard to cut my cats nails and they are way over-due. The grocery store was out of the dried cranberries I like. The supreme court decided not to make a decision about gerrymandering, so, so much for democracy, and even pretending not to be partisan judges.

So please forgive me for the less than great pictures.

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  2. By rebecca on Jul 1, 2019

    I suspect your mood has already passed, but I send you my sympathy anyway! Tomorrow brings the Solar Eclipse in Cancer and more intense emotions. Not a time for making important decisions in the days before and after an eclipse. But the Cancer moon has a nurturing expression. I hope your cats respond well to your care of them. Perhaps a change in diet is all they need.

  3. By rebecca on Jul 1, 2019

    One more thing – the book I’m reading is “Midlife is Not a Crisis” by Virginia Bell. While it is based in astrology, a knowledge of even basic astrology is not necessary. Also, Michelle Obama’s book is wonderful:

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