34 Orchard Street

January 14th, 2020 Posted in Uncategorized

I wanted to let people know about a new literary journal called 34 Orchard Street. “A literary journal that takes you dark places.” Because …

“Darkness is just across the street.

“Everyone has a haunting.

“If it’s not a ghost in your own home, it might be the ghost that lives in that house they told you about at the end of the block—the one that’s always for sale, or the one that is abandoned, staring at you with darkened windows like doleful, empty eyes: Stay away from the house at 34 Orchard Street, the older kids told you.”

Sometimes darkness is right in front of you, and getting CLOSER. (You’re getting pictures of Bodhi because 34 Orchard Street doesn’t have pictures yet that I can grab and post.)

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