Virus and the City: Sad Rescue

I’m on an email list for a group called the New York City Pigeon Rescue (I’d wanted to write about them way back when). To this day I get cc’ed on email about pigeons needing rescue. Tonight there was one that needed help over by Grace Church, where I’ve been singing for almost 40 years (I’m a member of the Choral Society of Grace Church).

I took it as a sign, plus it’s not like I’m super busy or anything, AND, it would be nice to do something to help a creature who needed it. So I put on my face mask and headed over. He struggled a little bit when I transferred him to my carrier, but unfortunately he had died by the time I got home. So now I’m feeling sad. Poor little thing. I’m glad I tried though.

This is him. The very kind woman who had found him put him in a box with food and water.

Stacy Horn

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2 thoughts on “Virus and the City: Sad Rescue

  1. So sorry
    I first read about this on the nycpr site…
    and recognized your name from years ago (echo)
    I rescue pigeons myself when I find them (I always hope not to find any…) Luckily I live right near The Wild Bird Fund…in case of need.
    Best wishes for better days…

  2. Hi Suze! And that is convenient, living right near the WBF. Of course the first thing I thought of when I picked up the bird last night was how am I going to get to the WBF? Walk, or chance the subwy?

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