Cat Status Report

First, all my cats are fine. No one is sick, but I’ve been dealing with a behavior problem for some time. Quick back story: It began when I started fostering kittens. Bodhi and Bali decided they like chasing Bleecker, and Bleecker decided this is terrifying. I worked with a behaviorist at the ASPCA for months, following all her instructions to the letter, but nothing worked. I have to separate them. Bleecker spends the day in the bedroom, while Bodhi and Bali are with me in the rest of the apartment. Then, at the end of the day I put Bodhi and Bali in the bedroom, and Bleecker spends the evenings with me. (I don’t use the bedroom as a bedroom, so I’m out in the rest of the apartment at night.)

I couldn’t get a decent picture of Bali in focus, but here they all are. This is Bali in the bedroom, stopping for one split second to allow me to get an almost-in-focus shot. He’s a sweetheart though. Loves attention.

This is Bodhi, the evil one, who normally won’t stop long enough to get a shot that even pretends to be in focus. It was probably a ruse to get me to let my guard down so he could bat my face.

Here’s the baby Bleeck. Not a baby anymore, but I still call him that. It’s like he’s looking at the camera and thinking, “Jesus, what is that?? Should I be afraid?” Poor, easily stressed Bleecker.

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2 thoughts on “Cat Status Report

  1. They’re all so beautiful and so sleek, but I am sorry they can’t quite get along. It’s like their people! Only more furry and adorable.

  2. Thanks. They are in good shape, thank god. Except Bleecker needs his teeth cleaned. I so wish we could go back to when they all got along and even slept together. Sigh. Maybe someday.

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