A Tiny, Boring Problem

I bought a new lampshade for my floor lamp which arrived yesterday. One of my cats had knocked the lamp over a year or two ago and shattered the glass shade. New shades aren’t cheap so I’ve been putting off replacing it. I finally decided I could afford one and I picked a new shade, different from the previous shade because I never really liked the previous shade.

It’s pretty, and has the loveliest pearl finish, but I think it looks ever so slightly too big for the stand. I worried that it was going to look too small, ironically.

But then I look again and think no, it’s the perfect size. And I go back and forth and back and forth. Boring, I know, and probably the least serious problem of all the problems in the world to have. Which is, in itself, annoying. Why am I obsessing about such a ridiculous problem?? I think part of the problem is the pole holding it up is so slender. But the other shade was much much wider and I never had a problem with the proportions! Here are some pictures.

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7 thoughts on “A Tiny, Boring Problem

  1. Actually, I really like the shade and it seems to fit just fine. But I’ve never been accused of having any style or eye for design, so maybe the fact that it looks okay to me is a bad sign. 🙂

  2. I think you are thinking about it because it’s a relief from all the serious things about which we can do nothing. A sort of safety valve…

  3. Yes, I agree that it looks good – I love the shade in fact. But the true test would be how it looks at night turned on. These new led bulbs can give off a harsh brightness. I miss the softer incandescent bulbs, especially as I grow older. 🙂 I think they are coming back – one good thing Trump signed into law as I recall. Part of MAGA philosoply I guess.

  4. This lamp takes a specific size bulb which only comes in incandescent.

    But now that time as passed, I no longer think the size is off and I love my new lampshade!

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