Losing My Mind

I can’t relax. I need closure! I’m a complete and total wreck. I won’t be able to relax until the counting is done. I wish I had some good drugs (which I can’t take, because I’m an alcoholic, but a girl can dream). That said, I got my teeth cleaned today and it gave me such a “the world is back to normal” feeling. We’re still in a pandemic, and I’m still being very cautious. But it looks like I need a root canal, so I thought what the hell, get my teeth cleaned while I’m at it. It feels so good.

I can’t wait for the day when I can get a haircut again. I know I could get it done now, but it doesn’t seem worth the risk. The root canal I need to address because pain. I can cut my own hair for now. Which I’ve done. And it came out just fine.

A Halloween decoration I passed by today. The message on the skeleton’s hat reads: “Make America Read Again.” (Thank you for the correction, Nora!)

Stacy Horn

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5 thoughts on “Losing My Mind

  1. I think the hat on that skeleton says “Make America READ Again”! So, that’s hopeful! Not so bleak!
    I was in such a foul mood at work the day after the vote. And I’m all the way up here in Ottawa, Canada. But it matters to me.

  2. Hilarious message that I fully identify with – all these risks in life with a pandemic amid us. Go to the dentist, but not the hair salon. Try a Dove bar – that helped me today. (dark chocolate please) Meanwhile I can’t do anything – my blood pressure is up and I’m trying to be patient as the talking heads on cable keep repeating over and over the same refrain about the votes and where they are coming from, blah, blah and blah. I’m so afraid Biden will keel over from all the excitement and strain of waiting. He always appears calm though which is so refreshing.

    This Halloween arrangement is absolutely inspired isn’t it? I love the Trump skeleton’s head inside the cat skeleton’s mouth. 🙂 I can’t stop laughing, really And the message on the hat makes sense – just read and be an informed voter. Thanks for this post and good luck with your root canal.

  3. Finally a call – – President elect Biden! Looks like your city is going happy crazy in the streets! They all seem to be wearing their masks too, as the virus runs rampant. I can stop being frustrated. No more Trump!! 🙂

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