Got My First Shot!

I agonized about which to get. I wanted to get the one-and-done Johnson and Johnson vaccine, but the general wisdom seemed to be get the one you can get the soonest, and that was the Moderna. My arm hurt, and that was it. I’m scared about the possible side effects from the second shot, but I’m thrilled to be halfway there! I’m going to go to the movies! (I know, a weird thing to celebrate given all the choices, but there it is.)

My favorite talking building. It’s hard to see but there are bandaids all over the wall. It’s wonderful.

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4 thoughts on “Got My First Shot!

  1. I also had the Moderna vaccine and my arm hurt a bit after the first shot. However….the second shot was a different story. I had the 2nd shot in the morning. That night I woke up about 2 am with severe chills and low grade fever. Body aches too. You get the picture. I knew to expect this reaction so I didn’t panic and just stayed in bed. The shaking went away by morning. Advil was my friend. My advice is to not plan anything the next day if possible.

  2. Oh no. Now I’m scared. Plus, my choir is singing in the park the next day, and it’s the first opportunity for singing in a long long time. Damnit. I should have brought my calendar with me when they scheduled the second shot, but I’m not going to change it now.

  3. First, many people have no side effects from the second shot. I should have rested instead of going shopping. It might have prevented the late night reaction. I did read that you should not take Advil or Tylenol BEFORE getting your shot as it may interfere with the vaccine somehow. Anyway best of luck and fingers crossed that you will not have any serious side effects.

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