My DNA Results

I did the DNA test and disappeared for a couple of days after the results came back. I’m sure I’ll be disappearing many more days in the future, it’s just so much fun. I was able to clear up one mystery. My grandfather on my mother’s side was adopted, and I was pretty sure I’d found his birth parents but now I could confirm it based on the DNA matches that popped up! The weird thing is, I got the most matches on this line, the line I knew nothing about until now. I got the fewest matches on both my father’s parents line, none on his mother’s. Hmmm.

The one surprise was this. I thought I was going to be mostly Irish and mostly German, and I was half right.

45% Irish
24% Scottish
14% England & Northwestern Europe
8% Germanic Europe
7% Norway
2% Eastern Europe & Russia

A picture of my father from his Brooklyn Technical High School yearbook picture. Now I’m curious about Gerhard Hubbe. A quick search doesn’t turn up much. Is he the Gerhard Hubbe who went into forestry and moved to Oregon? And died in 2001?

Brooklyn Technical High School

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4 thoughts on “My DNA Results

  1. It is fascinating isn’t it? Wonderful that you were able to confirm your grandfather’s parentage! It’s like going down a rabbit hole with unexpected surprises sometimes. Unknown to me, I discovered twin half brothers from a secret affair of my father’s. Actually my daughter discovered this and gently revealed it to me last year. How do you tell someone they are your half brother? No response so far….

    My dna is mostly British and Irish with about 13% French and German. I am currently waiting on results to see how they compare to 23and me. The amount of material available on the ancestry site is huge. I worry that I’ll get obsessed with it all.

  2. It’s hard not to get obsessive, but I had to take a break. And I don’t understand people! How you could you not respond to a half-sister who appears out of the blue? I’d be dying of curiosity. I’d want to learn all I could about my parent’s … other life? Not sure how to refer to it. And maybe it was a brief affair and not a life, but still!

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