More Pictures from Nobel Prize Celebration

As I have bragged many times, my cousin William Kaelin won “the 2019 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine with two other physician-scientists for unraveling a molecular mechanism that not only is crucial to survival, but is entwined with cancer and other diseases.” Because of Covid we weren’t able to celebrate until last October. Here are a few more pictures.

This is the picture I desperately tried to get myself but mine did not come out well. This is the Nobel Prize winner jumping for joy at the end of the evening. It was one of the sweetest, happiest things I’ve ever seen. That is my brother Douglas to his right.

William Kaelin Nobel Prize Celebration

The Nobel Prize winner … dancing I think. I just like seeing pictures of him looking so happy.

William Kaelin Nobel Prize Celebration

My brother Douglas, me (looking odd but it’s one of only three pictures I have of myself there!) and Bill’s date (I can’t remember her name, lovely person, so sorry).

William Kaelin Nobel Prize Celebration

Douglas again (what can I say, he makes a good picture) dancing with one of our nieces, Lauren.

William Kaelin Nobel Prize Celebration

Me with Bill. I wish I had made an effort with my hair and makeup! But oh well. I’ll do better the next time someone I know wins a Nobel Prize.

William Kaelin Nobel Prize Celebration

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