Ryan Hall Y’All

I’ve become addicted to watching Ryan Hall report on extreme weather. You can watch his videos here. If supercells are forming down south (the poor, beleaguered south) and other areas of the country, I can’t look away. Hall has a very impressive operation. He works with storm chasers, a meteorologist named Andy, and a person named Carly who reaches out to the local police, firefighters, etc., to report on what is happening in the areas they are following. All of whom, in addition to Andy, have become knowledgable about meteorology and they’ll explain just what is happening.

This is my view from the couch, including Bali, who is taking advantage of my time not moving for hours! What you’re seeing on that screen in addition to Ryan are radar views, the views from the storm chasers, a viewer chat on the right, and the current number of warnings—and there are different types of warning, starting from bad to worst, if I’m remembering the order correctly: Tornado Watch, Tornado Warning Radar Indicated, Tornado Warning Radar Confirmed, Tornado Warning Observed, Tornado Warning PDS (Potentially Dangerous Situation) and Tornado Emergency.

Ryan Hall Y'All

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