Things I Just Bought

This is for my friends, because I was talking about these two items, the soup plate and the mug.

Back story on the soup plate: When I worked for Mobil they had a cafeteria and I loved the dishware, mostly because of the Pegasus logo. They let everyone take pieces of it when they moved to Virginia and I have always regretted that I only took a few items. What was I thinking??

Well, I saw a Mobil soup plate on Etsy and immediately bought it!! And immediately started feeling a little buyer’s remorse. $50 for a plate, what was I thinking?? But it came today and I just love it.

Back story on the mug: My cats broke my current favorite coffee cup the other morning, as they do. Motherfuckers. So I was on the hunt for a new favorite coffee cup. I found this one today at Fishs Eddy. I needed something small, and I wanted something simple this time. I actually drink my coffee from a thermos (because it stays warm) and only take the first few sips from a mug. This one is lovely. It has a shiny silver band along the rim which gives it a ever-so-slight hint of Christmas.

Mobil Oil Soup Plate

Stacy Horn

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2 thoughts on “Things I Just Bought

  1. I didn’t notice the dainty kitty paws in that photo until I had looked at it several times–I was so entranced by the soup bowl.
    But now I think the paws are my favorite thing in the photo!!

  2. Sweet little kitty paws. They always jump up when I pull the camera out, which is a pain when I am pulling it to take a picture of something cute they are doing.

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