Things I Just Bought

This is for my friends, because I was talking about these two items, the soup plate and the mug.

Back story on the soup plate: When I worked for Mobil they had a cafeteria and I loved the dishware, mostly because of the Pegasus logo. They let everyone take pieces of it when they moved to Virginia and I have always regretted that I only took a few items. What was I thinking??

Well, I saw a Mobil soup plate on Etsy and immediately bought it!! And immediately started feeling a little buyer’s remorse. $50 for a plate, what was I thinking?? But it came today and I just love it.

Back story on the mug: My cats broke my current favorite coffee cup the other morning, as they do. Motherfuckers. So I was on the hunt for a new favorite coffee cup. I found this one today at Fishs Eddy. I needed something small, and I wanted something simple this time. I actually drink my coffee from a thermos (because it stays warm) and only take the first few sips from a mug. This one is lovely. It has a shiny silver band along the rim which gives it a ever-so-slight hint of Christmas.

Mobil Oil Soup Plate

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4 thoughts on “Things I Just Bought

  1. I didn’t notice the dainty kitty paws in that photo until I had looked at it several times–I was so entranced by the soup bowl.
    But now I think the paws are my favorite thing in the photo!!

  2. Sweet little kitty paws. They always jump up when I pull the camera out, which is a pain when I am pulling it to take a picture of something cute they are doing.

  3. Worth every penny! Joy comes from small pleasures. Don’t deny yourself. I never noticed those kitty paws until CR noted them! So cute. I miss my kitties so much but not sure about adopting another one yet. They do destroy things. Maybe an older cat is in my future. Anyway I digress, I love that plate and cafeteria dishes hold up well.

  4. Thank you, Rebecca! Definitely get an older cat, I think. I adore kittens, but I think I will always get older cats from now on. I fantasize that I will go to the shelter and say “show me the cat that has been here the longest” and take that one. Or two. I’ve seen YouTube videos of people who do that for both dogs and cats and it always makes me happy to see those animals find homes. I want to be the one to do something like that,

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