What I’m Going to do With My Fifties

July 2nd, 2006 Posted in Uncategorized

– Find another way of making a living in case everything you’re doing now goes to hell. Okay, not off to a positive start. But I have ZERO ideas. You know, maybe this is the kind of thing that you get to when you get to. Can’t be planned.
– Fall in love.
– Pick a place to travel to and explore. Mexico? (I don’t fly, so it has to be kinda close.)
– Make ten new friends (one for each year).

Too many big things. I need some things that are easier to accomplish.

– Take a hip hop dance class.
– Visit a museum in NYC that you’ve never been to.
– Take a pottery class. (I’m dying to recapture that joy of getting your thing back and it’s all colorful and shiny.)
– Sing Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony.
– Find a regular volunteer gig that you enjoy. Maybe go back to Literacy Partners?
– Not think about turning 60. (OHGOD.)
– Get a dog.
– Repaint apartment.
– Walk the perimeter of Manhattan.
– Pick a neighborhood each year and explore. Start with financial district.

I’m trying to think of things so that when I get to 60 I’m not filled with regret. But nothing is jumping out at me, except for the “make ten new friends” thing. I like that one. I have a decent number of friends, and it feels great, so I’m thinking more would feel even better. Especially when I’m older.

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