This is Not From Today, Which is Very Hot, Not Rainy

Window.jpg This was from the other day when it rained so hard I thought it would make the coolest picture, and although I tried and tried, I couldn’t get a shot that really conveyed how hard it was raining.

Today’s been an odd day. I’m restless, but something in me is determined to do nothing productive. Instead, I’ve been searching for odd things on the internet. Like Veets and Beams, my two cats before this who are dead. Like I thought someone would be talking about my dead cats. Except a few were, because I wrote a book about them. One person was complaining about what a whiner I am, and I thought, “stop reading, stop reading, stop reading.” Because really, you can’t please everyone and it does no good to read the bad things people sometime say about you.

But then they said they got into it (they were reading Waiting for My Cats to Die) and that I had made them cry. TWICE. (That’s what you get for calling me a whiner!) Actually, it ended up being a lovely post, and I am a bit of a whiner.

Have you ever had days like that, where you take a day off, but end up reduced to searching for your dead cats on the internet, and you should have just worked on something? You’ve had days like that, right?

Stacy Horn

I've written six non-fiction books, the most recent is Damnation Island: Poor, Sick, Mad, and Criminal in 19th-Century New York.

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3 thoughts on “This is Not From Today, Which is Very Hot, Not Rainy

  1. If it helps any I think the person you are talking about, the one who told you to stop whining, was the one who convinced me to read your book…

  2. I had my 20-year old cat euthanized last month. And I’m still looking for her. On the bed. On the sofa. But not on the Internet.

    I hope there’s a cat heaven.


  3. Oh God, if there’s a Heaven at all it’s inconceivable that all our cats wouldn’t be there. I had a boyfriend once, who was religious and didn’t think cats went to Heaven because cats (animals) didn’t have souls. I saw it as a huge limitation on his part, to not be able to see that animals had souls. Just look in their eyes.

    I’m so sorry though. I still miss Veets and Beams and they died five and six years ago. 20 years though. You must have been doing someting right.

    David,the person I was talking about was great. The beginning was scary, but I loved what she said.

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