Camera Special Effect 1 – Sepia

January 28th, 2007 Posted in Uncategorized

sepia.jpg This is kinda pretty, isn’t it? I don’t see using this a lot, but still. Nice.

Movie update! The Departed. Completely engrossing. I had to go to the bathroom at one point, and I was so mad, but I ran there and back, and didn’t miss much. Leonardo Dicaprio — I always think of him as someone I’m not wild about except when I see him in a film, he’s always riveting. And I remember I always think that. I like him in everything I’ve seen him in.

I had a little problem suspending my disbelief. I didn’t research this kind of operation, maybe it’s more plausible than I know (I don’t really believe that) but part of me couldn’t help thinking the whole time that the whole thing never would have gone down like that. People are stupider, generally. Except at times I remember thinking they are not that stupid. Ha! Apparently I just disagree about how people are stupid. Doesn’t matter. This was great.

I can’t decide what to see today. It’s between, Children of Men, Pan’s Labyrinth and Catch and Release.

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  2. By michelle on Jan 29, 2007

    I heard a really good interview on Fresh Air with Terry Gross on NPR with the Pan’s Labyrinth filmmaker. I’m not normally too enthused with magic, fantasy, etc but he was so interesting I will definitely see it before the awards. Also I saw Painted Veil and liked it and decided to put DreamGirls on the back burner based upon your input…

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