Finn is Ready for his Close-up

February 17th, 2007 Posted in Uncategorized

model.jpg I swear this macro function turns every cat into a supermodel. Or … maybe … my cats are the most gorgeous cats in the whole wide UNIVERSE. (This is what I tell them.)

I keep meaning to say, I have to turn off the comments section on every post after a week or so, because it eventually starts filling up with spam comments for sex with hookers in the UK. So, I’m sorry if you try to comment and can’t.

Today I’m going out to Brooklyn to see friends I have known since junior freaking high school. Who have sons who are long out of junior freaking high school. Hey, Chris and Adrienne both have two sons. Have I noticed the perfect symmetry of that before? And I have two male cats! (Yeah, yeah, I’m the losah. I KNOW.) Chris is the one who just got married on New Years Eve. And I posted a picture of a slightly drunken Adrienne at my wedding a few months back.

Hopefully I will be back with embarrassing pictures of everyone tomorrow.

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  2. By Lisa on Feb 18, 2007

    I had no idea that the porn spammers could invade blog comment space! But I wonder why you are getting the sex/hookers spam from the U.K.??

    The combination of digital cameras, particularly new ones w/macro function, and kitties at home = a great deal of time spent on composing the perfect portrait. And a very good procrastination tactic– as a professor/researcher with enough work to do to last several centuries, I often find myself spending much of my ‘work at home mornings’ taking far too many photos of my kitties. Just one more before going to work on those revisions, analyze that data, grade that exam, just one more…

    BTW– the movie ‘Notes on a Scandal” is BRILLIANT and Judi Dench truly deserves the Oscar, even though Helen Mirren is also excellent in The Queen, but Judi Dench is just mesmerizing. And why I bring this up, besides wanting everyone to see the film, is that at one point, the Judi Dench character’s cat is referred to as a “moggie”, which I have never heard (and I live in Canada where we are kind of split 50/50 between American and British-isms). It’s a very sweet word, moggie. We photograph our moggies, indeed we do!

  3. By Stacy Horn on Feb 23, 2007

    It looks like I’m not going to see all the movies I had hoped to before the Oscars.

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