Here Doggie!

July 14th, 2007 Posted in Uncategorized

Dogrun.jpg Whenever I pass a dog run I stop and watch the dogs for a while, especially when there’s a French Bulldog among them, which I can pretty much count on these days. They are one of the “it” dogs currently. Love these little guys. But when I get a dog I’m still getting a chihuahua. I need a dog I can easily carry up and down five flights.

I’m on a mini-vacation, but I haven’t really been vacationing much. Haven’t seen a movie, gone to a gallery or museum, read a book. What have I done?? One day I bought a really delicious sandwich (Note to self: go back to that place) and sat on the Hudson River and ate it while reading a decent book. That was what, two hours out of a whole week?

Seriously, I’ve got to get down to vacationing-business. Forget a movie today. Now there will be weekend crowds. Same with museums. Maybe I’ll try learning a song on the banjo? Or, go back to the sandwich place and then sit in Union Square and relax?

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  2. By jess on Jul 17, 2007

    Most of these bulldogs and chihuahuas and other small breeds come from the puppy mills

    All the pet stores, and the websites that ship puppiues to people, sell the puppy mill puppies


    Videos and photos here and here

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