It’s a Big Deal to Me

July 13th, 2007 Posted in Uncategorized

I cooked! I know, ‘what do you want, a medal?’ But I don’t think I’ve cooked in decades. I took a class though, and then last night I started with the simplest dish, which also happened to be my favorite and voila! I made a meal! It’s called Lebanese Quinoa Tabbouleh with English Cucumber. It probably barely counts as cooking since the only thing I had to cook was the quinoa, which was simple. The rest was cutting stuff up and adding it.

The plan is to keep with really easy stuff so I don’t get discouraged, and the next thing I’m going to try will be equally simple. I’m thinking something called a Mediterranean Pasta Salad, which is the same kind of deal. Cook pasta and throw chopped up stuff in.

I’m feeling so empowered I might pull out my banjo and get back to trying to learn how to play it! During my mini-vacation here. If I do I’ll make a little film of my first song.

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