Peeking Over the Couch, Looking at You

January 6th, 2008 Posted in Uncategorized

Cathead2.jpg That headline is like an LOL cat thing, isn’t it? Except I should spell “you” with a “U.”

Just got back from seeing Amahl and the Night Visitors with a friend from choir. It was lovely and sweet. I made a couple of movies which I will post tomorrow if they’re any good. They were giving away poinsettias afterwards, but I couldn’t take one because I’ve always heard they are poisonous to cats.

So? What’s up for 2008? Any predictions about this year? Oh, it’s an election year. That’s something. Our national nightmare will soon be over.

I never do resolutions, but maybe I will. Tomorrow. Plus, they will be fake. Maybe I will make resolutions for other people. I’ll email them and go “here, you have to do this. I have so resolved it.”

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