American Folk Art Museum

I went to the American Folk Art Museum to see the paintings by Henry Darger, but I have to say, I enjoyed everything else more, not that I didn’t love the Darger, I did. But the museum had all these other paintings and objects that spoke to me more. Including the artists they’d showed who were influenced by Darger. This first one is by Anthony Goicolea. Yeah, I guess it’s disturbing, but it was just stunning in person.

But this one by Amy Cutler was even stunning-er, and it’s bugging me that it doesn’t carry here and I couldn’t find a better picture of it. All of her paintings there were just amazing.

The whole place made me want to paint again, and I haven’t painted in 30 years and even then it was only because I had to. My undergraduate degree is in fine arts and they made me take painting classes, but I’m glad they did. I loved it.

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