Mia, I Love You, But WTF?

Before I get to my So You Think You Can Dance round-up, may I present a cat playing a theramin:

The video I linked to no longer works.

So yeah. Jesus. Last night’s show made me mad a bunch of times. Mia, who I love, was a jerk. Plain and simple. Mia, Mia, Mia. Normally I love that you are the Simon Cowell of the show, and actually tell the truth, but last night you were just … wrong a lot. Did anyone else notice how critical she was of only the women, for the most part? I think only one of them came through unscathed. And if she couldn’t find something to be nasty about with their dancing she’d find something else, like smiling, although I think some people agree with her about the smiling. But taken with her criticism throughout the night as a whole, it was just finally too much and I’m glad Nigel stepped in.

Second, there was a lot of bad bad bad choreography last night, and I’m mad that not one of the judges mentioned it, and instead blamed the dancers. Perfect example was that routine for Chelsie and Thayne. HORRIBLE, and yet I thought the dancer’s charm shone through in spite of it. And then, Mia says the exact opposite, that the dancers didn’t measure up to the choreography. I feel weird saying she’s wrong, what do I know, but she was wrong.

This is a competition for the dancers, so I guess they don’t want to get into criticizing the choreography, okay, but don’t blame the dancers.

Oh, and Gev, who I haven’t gotten until tonight, I get. I thought the two of them had a great chemistry, once again, completely disagreeing with the judges.

My official crushes: Thayne, even though he’s gay and is somewhat reminiscent of Benji, but he’s a sexy version of Benji, Will and Twitch.

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