Bad Things and Good Times

I’m enjoying HBO’s new show True Blood, mostly because of these two (and the actress who plays her grandmother).  I really believe the chemistry. But I also love a show that introduces me to new music, new to me that is.

I’ve already bought two songs because of this show: Bad Things by Jace Everett and Good Times by Charlie Robison.

Which reminds me, only because their last names are similar, I want to read Gilead and Home by Marilynne Robinson.  I have to add them to my “To Read” list.  Other books on my To Read list, which include a bunch of re-reads:

– Count of Monte Cristo.
– Alchemist.
– A Tale of Two Cities.
– Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.
– The Master and Margarita.
– Under the Banner of Heaven.
– Blindness.
– The Life of Pi.
– Ender’s Game.
– Ararat.
– Grapes of Wrath.
– A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.
– Altered Carbon, Spin.

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6 thoughts on “Bad Things and Good Times

  1. I’m really enjoying True Blood, too. It’s a great mix of suspense, humor, drama, and romance. I can’t wait to see where the various stories go. They did a great job with casting this show. Thanks for posting the name of the person who sings the theme song – I caught myself watching the opening credits a few times just to hear it.

  2. Read Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, it has way more chemistry between human and vampire, although I am enjoying the True Blood series, too, minus the really creepy vampires – I run from the room when they come on. I like the Grandmother, too, but don’t you think she has a hidden past? Oh, and read Housekeeping by Marilynne Robinson if you get a chance – she wrote it a few decades before Gilead and the characters and story are superb.

  3. I remember reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn when I was a young girl years ago and loving it! I should re-read it to see if I still love it.

  4. You are right, Stephenie Meyer does write for young adult but it still is a good story. Better than most adult literature, I think. Twilight is the best in the series and if you like the Sookie/Bill thing in True Blood, you may like Bella/Edward in Twilight – characters are well drawn and there is that wonderful chemistry. Besides, we are all young at heart, no?

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