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I’ve been researching at the Municipal Archives.  These pictures are actually from the County Clerk’s office on the 7th floor.  It was suggested that I go up there and take a look around, and I suspect if they let me, I could find a lot of buried treasure here.  I couldn’t take pictures everywhere, but this what you see when the elevator doors open.  (More below.)


This is the view turning left.

I love places like this. But the best part was a storeroom in the back, that is where the buried treasure is (I’m sure it’s there). I wasn’t allowed to photograph back there, which was fine. It was the kind of place where I could spend weeks exploring if they’d let me.

Maps, and ledgers and books of minutes for meetings from the 1800’s, photographs, so much city history I was practically hyperventilating. One of the archivists there kindly xeroxed a picture I came across of Jumel Place that I wanted to send to people I recently met who have a house there.

Maybe I should write a guide to how to find what. For instance, I noticed piles of maps which among other things, showed who lived where at the time that the maps were drawn. I know historians and genealogists could really use a lot of the information buried there. And I’m sure there are plenty of people who know it’s there, but still. I wonder.

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3 thoughts on “New York County Clerk

  1. The metal detector people would buy your book on Colonial Home sites of NYC especially if gps coords were included. I found a book on Amazon last year called Dead Towns of AL. I have really enjoyed it.
    Oh btw I have a new stray kitten. Founfd at the Library. Minor cuts and blistered front feet. Doing much better now. Why oh why? I don’t even want to guess about it.

  2. I would love a book like Dead Towns of AL(abama?).

    And thank you for taking care of the kitten. You are a good person.

  3. The Vet says he’s 9 to 10 weeks old.. checked pos. for feline lukemia. So sad,however, Vet says there is a chance he could fight it off with luck. He sleeps draped around my neck,although, much less insecure and romping now.

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