Now I must insist: watch Warehouse 13

And Big Bang Theory, but more about that in a second.  I just watched the second Warehouse 13 and it holds up AND gets better.  Please give it a try, you will thank me.  I love Pete and Artie, but everyone is good in this.  It’s as I said, smart, sweet, and funny.  And surprising.  Oh, I wish I was more articulate.

But Big Bang Theory.  For some reason I didn’t watch this show at first and I’m really sorry about that but I’ve been making up for lost time and I’ve been watching the reruns this summer.  How many seasons have I missed, because I want to watch every last epsiode.  Mostly because of this guy, Sheldon (his character’s name).  I just looked up his real name:  Jim Parsons.  Anyway, for some reason one night I watched it, too lazy to hit “fav” on the remote to go onto the next channel?  Maybe the Gods of great television summoned their powers to freeze my hand.  Thank you, television Gods.

It was an episode where Leonard gets Penny’s ex-boyfriend to pay her money back and when Sheldon learns what Leonard has done he tells him, “I was wrong.  Minstrels will write songs about you,” and the episode ends with Sheldon singing a minstrel-type song about Leonard’s bravery. It was just so kind and endearing and you have to have seen the whole episode that led up to that. But I’ve been watching it ever since and EVERYONE is good on this show, but I have fallen in love with Sheldon.  Remembering bits now, him drinking coffee, helping Penny with her business.

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