WTC Staircase B

I went downtown last night to hear a presentation from the survivors of staircase b in the north tower. When I was one of the people reading names on 9/11 I stood behind one of them while we were waiting to go up and read names, although I didn’t know it at the time. I just took his picture because I liked his face. His name is Mickey Kross.


Mickey was there last night, with 13 other survivors.
He’s a docent at the Tribute Center where I volunteer. Although Mickey said, “I don’t call myself that. That’s a girly word.” It was funny the way he said it.

I’ve got a lot more pictures, and pictures of most of the survivors who were there (it felt rude to take pictures somehow, and only got the ones I did because someone coaxed me) but I’m still editing them.

But I wanted to also upload the picture of what was once called the Freedom Tower. I’m pretty sure they’re not going to call it that anymore, thank god. I hated that name with a passion.

I want all the buildings to be called the World Trade Center.

This will count as my before shot. I’ll bring this back out whenever the tower is finished. Actually, maybe one of the others will be better. Anyway, here is how it looks now. I like how colorful it looks.


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2 thoughts on “WTC Staircase B

  1. Thanks for showing these Stacy. The red ones look original? I’ll probably never get to come see it so I , for one ,will look forward to seeing the progress. I imagine a huge amount of politics were involved with the decisions on how this would be done.

  2. Oh yeah about the politics. I’m not sure what you mean by the red ones look original, though.

    It’s interesting to me how those two beams are curving in.

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