Cats Near and Far

I calculated that Finney is four times the size of those chihuahuas, and Buddy, even in his reduced state, is three times the size. So really, it’s the chihuahua I’d need to worry about. Would they bat him around, like they do those poor mice who occasionally fall into their clutches?

That hasn’t happened in a long time, by the way. It’s like the mice of the world know. Stay away. Thank god. I was hysterical the last time.

That’s a humidifier on the floor. I have one of those going 24 hours a day in the winter. Otherwise my skin feels dry and tight and I hate that feeling. I believe part of the reason I’m relatively wrinkle-free is I’ve always had dry skin, and I hate the feeling so I’ve been battling it my whole life. I’ve moisturized constantly since I was 12 and I think I discovered the absolute joy of the warm mist humidifier in my 20’s. Maybe my early 30’s. It really is a great tool. If you wake up in the morning with tight skin, dry nose, chapped lips, whatever, this will take care of that.

Plus, it’s very comforting. It must be some leftover thing from childhood, when my mother would put these things in my room when I was sick.

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3 thoughts on “Cats Near and Far

  1. Humidifier = a gal’s best friend.

    My cats haven’t had to scratch the dogs…yet. I had a peki-persian cat who had been raised with a chihuahua (aunt/uncle gave her to me) and she was very calm around my dogs. If they over-stepped her limits, got a little too close, she’d raise her paw of doom…they’d start whimpering and backing off. It was funny, really. However one of my cats will run, and that makes the dogs want to chase.

    Your best bet is a metal crate, probably medium size, with a quilt draped over all but the front; you can put the chi in there and let the cats see what they think. The dog should back off if they hiss or lift the paw of doom. And probably keep them in separate rooms for a night or so.

    I wonder if you could bring the pup home for a night or weekend just to see how it goes with the cats? I wouldn’t want to see you or the cats miserable, and a lot does depend on the dog’s disposition and your discipline toward it. Cats do what they want, regardless; but dogs will respond to FIRM commands such as “STOP!” etc. if you are always firm. Some small dogs are trained to use those urine pads, so you don’t have to take them out for a walk every day. I’ve never tried that, since I have a fenced backyard with doggie doors.

    Have you ever seen Victoria Stilwell’s “It’s Me or the Dog” on Animal Planet? I like her techniques rather than Ceasar Milan’s. The animal shelter will provide you with a DVD about training too (or at least ours does).

    But whether you get one or not, it doesn’t hurt to go LOOK at them! Good luck.


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