Holiday Do-Over

Because I was sick as a dog for the holidays I’ve decided to make the next four days a holiday do-over. Today is Christmas Eve, tomorrow Christmas, then Sunday is New Years Eve and Monday is New Years Day.

I’m not going to make a big production out of it or anything. For instance, for Christmas Eve, right now I’m listening to Amahl and the Night Visitors. It always brings back some of my fondest memories of childhood. I can remember sitting in my bedroom, listening to this, and waiting so anxiously for Christmas to be here already. My grandparents always came in from Queens and spent the night, and they always gave us clothes, which of course was a disappointment. I didn’t hold it against them. I thought it was a rule or something. Grandparents gives clothes. It’s not their fault.

Who knew it would become my favorite gift when I grew up?? (Tied with food.) I love this graffiti dress! Not for me, but it’s very cute. It’s Cynthia Rowley, whose clothes turn out to be relatively affordable. This dress is $410.

I’m going to call the Hoxie descendent this morning. I’m scared. I’m always scared making these phone calls. You never know how people will react, and I feel like a ghoul. I’m hoping this will be okay, because I’m calling about an Aunt who died 26 years before he was born.

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6 thoughts on “Holiday Do-Over

  1. Hmmm, that affordable $410 dress is my entire yearly budget for clothing plus an extra $10. . .

    Gorgeous dress, though.

  2. Ha. I can’t afford it either, I’m just saying, based on what other dresses go for in this neighborhood $410 felt like she’s practically giving it away. That gives me an idea! One day I’ll go into all the stores around me and post a sampling of what things cost.

  3. What a neat idea!

    I love New York with a passion, but, wow, the cost of living. I’d end up living on a subway platform if I made there what I make here in NC. I’ll just have to experience it vicariously through your blog.

  4. Prices for everything are insane, but the rents are the most insane. People are paying thousands to live in tenement-style apartments.

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