The New Normal

Here is Buddy, nudging me to feed him. The vet said to go ahead and let him eat babyfood to his heart’s content. More calories. I want to wait a few minutes and give the Pepcid a chance to kick in.

He’s curled up on my lap now, purring. It’s like nothing is wrong. The universe is giving us a little time off from heart ache, I guess. Thank you, Universe.

I know I should talk about something else besides Buddy.

How do you prevent or fix that glow-y eyes thing, by the way, does anyone know?

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7 thoughts on “The New Normal

  1. Shaved belly — the new sign of a rebel kitty 🙂

    The glowy eyes is because cats (and dogs) have an extra layer in the back of their eyes called the tapetum. It reflects the light back so the light receptors in their eyes basically get two chances at the light, which is why they can see so much better in low light than we can.

    The only ways to avoid it are to:
    – not use a flash (difficult)
    – not have the animal looking directly at you
    – use a flash diffuser (not really an option for a point-and-shoot camera)

  2. Ha! Poor Finney is going nuts trying to get some too.

    Gene, thank you so much for explaining that. Very interesting. I think having them not look directly at you is the most realistic option. I often turn the flash off if I think I can get away with it, though. I just don’t like how flash shots turn out a lot of the time, the color of the shot. I could probably tinker with that post-production. I should learn more.

  3. Buddy does look better. I hope the treatment will work, and give you both more time together.

    BTW, you mentioned Buddy was prescribed tramadol for pain; I didn’t know what vets gave cats for that. Interesting. I do know tramadol is available for people too.

  4. Aww, Buddy. When our Mr. B had an intestinal biopsy and had the shaved belly, we bought him a heating pad to lie on and he really liked it. We actually still have it on one of the pet beds and turn it on at night for whichever kitty gets kicked off the bed.

  5. Buddy does look much more lively. It helps so much when they do start to eat, doesn’t it? It’s like we don’t have to hold our breath and deal with that horrible anxiety business, and for a little while, everything is back to normal.
    Imagine if we humans had a reflecting tapetum– how that would change the face of the fashion industry…

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