For Cats With IBD

I’ve been trying everything, and something is working. Glutamine. I bought L-Glutamine 500 mg capsules from Thorne Research. I can’t be sure of what dosage Buddy is getting. I fill up two pill pockets and give that to him each day. I’m guessing he’s getting around 100mg a day.

Almost two months ago I started giving him Ark Naturals Gentle Disgest for the probiotics, and Ark Naturals Royal Coat Express for the omega 3 fish oil. But two weeks ago I started the glutamine and his stools have really started firming up in the past few days. The other things could be helping, his coat is gorgeous, but I really am seeing a difference after he’s been on the Glutamine.


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6 thoughts on “For Cats With IBD

  1. Awesome..thanks Stacy!! I will try Glutamine with my IBD cat. I just happen to have some on hand, as Glutamine is also useful to combat sugar cravings (which is my big problem).

    I’m so glad Buddy is doing great!!!

  2. OMG, thank you. We’ve been pretty close to insisting on Leukeran, without benefit of a biopsy. We’ll give this a shot. Thank you!!! [and he *is* lovely!]

  3. It occurred to me later though, that maybe the Leukeran is also helping with the IBD. You might want to give this a shot before going down that road though.

  4. Yeah, it could be one, the other, or the combo. But I’m a big fan of amino acid supplementation, and it certainly can’t hurt.

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