P Did Not Work for the Loser’s Lounge

I used the P setting on my camera last night at the Loser’s Lounge. None of the pictures came out. It would have helped if I had actually read how to use the P setting first. (Idiot.)

Good day ahead! Choir rehearsal, a sandwich at Cosi, People Magazine, tv catch-up (a slug day).


Stacy Horn

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2 thoughts on “P Did Not Work for the Loser’s Lounge

  1. Hmm, on my Panasonic, “P” stands for automatic exposure. Then I have “A” for manual aperture priority; “S” for manual shutter priority, etc. All sorts of different options with which to screw the pictures up. Mostly I just leave it on Scene/Landscape (or whatever) and let the camera chose all the setting.

  2. I have an auto setting in addition to this one, which I just looked up and stands for “Program Auto Exposure.” Must now read this section …

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