I Want One!!

October 22nd, 2010 Posted in Uncategorized

Could he be any cuter?? I asked if he was affectionate and his owner said yes, but only when he’s home alone with her. He’s nervous in public. Poor shy little thing.

I took a bunch of pictures but I’m going to try to narrow it down to posting only one more.

On another note, I got this in my email this morning. “Asparagus is among the richest food sources of folate, which helps to keep blood levels of homocysteine, an amino acid, in check. High homocysteine levels have been linked to atherosclerosis.” I love reading that my favorite foods are good for you. Asparagus is all over the place these days. It must be in season.

How come I don’t know that? Year after year and it never sinks in. Like when certain holidays are. Christ, look at all that gum on the sidewalk. Fucking people. Okay, I have to post two more.


Oh! Ha! I just noticed she’s carrying a plastic bag! Just like people who walk dogs.


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  1. 2 Responses to “I Want One!!”

  2. By Lisa on Oct 23, 2010

    What a lovely piggy! He looks like a regular pig and not one of the pot-bellied ones. Was he a youngster?

  3. By Stacy Horn on Oct 25, 2010

    I didn’t even think to ask. I wanted to pet him, but his owner clearly didn’t think he’d enjoy that so I didn’t try.

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