Time Warner Cable of NYC: Worst Customer Service Ever

Long story short: The Time Warner guy came yesterday and said I needed to replace my box and gave me the wrong address to go to get a new one. I go to the right address and get a new box, and even though it had no instructions and I had to change a lot of non-intuitive options (aspect ratio and output resolution?), I installed it.

The online guide for all the shows doesn’t have anything listed past midnight on Friday. I call and they say it will take a couple of hours to update. When it doesn’t update a couple of hours later they change that to 24 or 48 hours.

At 8 when it doesn’t record the shows I had set to record, I call and they re-boot the box and now it’s able to record. Except now I’ve lost my favorite show, Bones, and Big Bang Theory. They say a tech has to come out on Tuesday to figure out the guide thing, and I say, “Shouldn’t I get a new box? A tech was here today and checked the signal and said everything here is fine except the box, so doesn’t this indicate that something is wrong with this box as well?” “If you think that will fix it, you can go get a new box.” “No, I don’t want to guess, I’m not an engineer. What would the tech be checking when he comes?” “The signal.” I ask to escalate the problem, to speak to an actual engineer and I’m told I can’t.

Also after his re-boot all the programs that were set to record were no longer set to record, so I had to re-do that.

The box records Fringe, then an hour later it reboots itself and the recording of Fringe is gone. Also, once again everything else that was set to record is no longer set to record.

A tech is scheduled to come on Tuesday. That was probably my most boring post ever, but I had to get that out of my system. Oh, but the pixelating thing didn’t happen! So something really was wrong with the first box.

These are not real babies. They are plastic movie-shoot babies. Stunt babies. (See post below).


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4 thoughts on “Time Warner Cable of NYC: Worst Customer Service Ever

  1. I hate that you lost Fringe! I hope you can catch the episode on-line perhaps. It was a good one! What a big pain all around with that fiasco with TWC. There just is no excuse for that kind of ineptitude. I hope things get straightened out so you’re back on track with your TV viewing soon!

  2. What a nightmare. With government and private sector bureaus and inefficiencies like this, how can we lose?

    We moved into a new place about a year ago and simply never hooked the TV up. Now we watch whatever DVDs that we want, but no TV. As a consequence, we have seen the most interesting and provocative movies from the 30s and 40s.

    One of the things that one is struck by is that movies used to be made with an adult audience in mind. Nowadays the target audience is 18 to 25 year olds. So in many ways, a significant number of older movies have more intelligent dialog and tightly constructed plots than today’s movies.

    In the movies of the 30s and 40s I have yet to hear one person say, “I’m going in.”

  3. Betsy, I did download Fringe, which was great. I can’t bear it, I want the real Olivia HOME.

    Greg, ha. But I’m going to have an interesting Time Warner update tomorrow!

  4. Wow! What a experience you had. I know as an employee with DISH we do everything we can for our customers. We have 24/7 tech support that do all the troubleshooting over the phone before we send a tech out. If you do need a new box we will simply send you out a new one. It only takes a matter of minutes after you receive your new box that you can have your service back. If you do need a tech out we send one out as soon as possible and what time is best for you. If it is the box when the tech is out the are prepared with new boxes if they so happen to not they give our tech support a call and send get one sent out for you.

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