The Things I’m Freaking out About Today

– I need to write a minimum of a page a day and I haven’t written for the past two days.

– I’m also freaking out about getting my writing done before my doctor’s appointment and here I am blogging about freaking out about not writing instead of writing.

– I have nothing to wear for the 9/11 ten year anniversary and I’m going to need TWO outfits because there’s a barbecue and service at St. Paul’s the day before, and then a service on 9/11 itself.

– Speaking of the barbecue, I’m trying to call all the 9/11 volunteers to invite them and I’m two-thirds done, which isn’t bad, but I’m freaking out about it anyway. Freak-out-age is not rational.

– My hair sucks currently.

– Money. As per usual.

– I need to get Finney back to the vet for another laser treatment and I suck for not doing this already.

This is a picture of the narrowest restaurant I’ve ever seen. I should have gotten a person to stand there to demonstrate how narrow it is. It looks more insane from the front, but I didn’t think a picture from the front would adequately portray the lack of depth.

Stacy Horn

I've written six non-fiction books, the most recent is Damnation Island: Poor, Sick, Mad, and Criminal in 19th-Century New York.

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2 thoughts on “The Things I’m Freaking out About Today

  1. Sounds like a MBSR session is in order. Hope today looks less daunting.
    (And as one of my painter friends says, even when she is not at her easel, she is “painting in her head”. I suspect the same is true of writers.

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