Live Blogging The Emmys Later

September 18th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

I’m going to live blog the Emmys today starting at 5, but probably more seriously at 6. But then between 7 and 8 I’m going to stop to talk about my book Unbelievable and parapsychology research on a radio show called The Hive on Para X Radio.

If you click on the link, and then click on Listen Now, you can hear it if you like. There’s also a button to chat and I’ll be in the chat room as well.

You can also call in during the show and ask questions: 978-384-0969.
Or text: 978-BEE-1271

The host is Erick Bee.

I took this picture of a wedding I passed by after working out yesterday. I didn’t notice the little guy in the lower right at the time.

Wedding on Christopher Street

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