Post Traumatic Extraction Disorder

Okay, there were a few moments I’d rather not re-live, (the crunch, crunch as the tooth separated from the bone, and I couldn’t look at myself until the temps were put in, the open space in my mouth was so huge) but I’m fine. I’m swollen, but if you didn’t know what I looked like normally you wouldn’t even notice. Even better, they clearly worked very hard to make the temps look good and they do, absolutely fine. I will get even better temps in a few months, but I’m just so glad I won’t look monstrous in the meantime.

I can sing! I’m not in pain (Advil and Tylenol every 4 – 6 hours)! And everything is fine. Right now I’m very glad I bit the bullet and did this. I was going to have to do this eventually, and now it is no longer looming in my future, soon enough it will be behind me. (Plus, the one tooth was infected for a long time, and that is not good for your heart, it can lead to arteriosclerosis.)

But I am so so tired. I’m going to curl up on the couch and not leave for the rest of the day. I took this in Chelsea Market, where I went to buy a vat of soup. It was another “walking through Christmas lights and feeling like a Christmas princess” moment.

Chelsea Market Christmas Lights

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6 thoughts on “Post Traumatic Extraction Disorder

  1. Bit the bullet indeed.
    Gracie Allen quote: “Ice was a popular pain reliever back then. It was especially effective of you poured some scotch over it.”
    Feel better.

  2. Yes, that’s the biggest comfort: no more night dreads of progressive heart failure. It’s so much better to just get the teeth pulled and start obsessing over something much more cheerful.

    I like my ice to be vodka-tonic flavored. Hope you enjoy a few Stoli slurpees while you recuperate.

  3. Good to hear it wasn’t that bad of an experience afterall. I hope your vat of soup is good and sustains you for the short-term. Great picture. Catch up on some good TV viewing and take care!

  4. Thank you all! I’m basically back to normal, and in all honesty, I was basically back to normal immediately following the procedure, I was just tired.

    I’m giving myself the weekend off not because I need it per se, but just because I was so freaked out for so long I need a nice, easy-going weekend.

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