Sopranos Live Longer

That means if my choir director ever demotes me in the future, I can say with authority, “You’re killing me!!” According to a recent study, “Life spans of sopranos were found to be significantly greater than those of lower voice registered contraltos, even after controlling for birth year.”

PS: I’m only kidding by my word choice of “demotes,” and I love all the voice parts. I will happily sing alto if the day ever comes.

This guy chose to have a telephone conversation while standing on this … well, obviously this is a Telephone Call Platform, one of the earlier, less successful designs.

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2 thoughts on “Sopranos Live Longer

  1. Hi Stacy,
    that’s interesting about sopranos.

    (Somebody told me that all operas were about a soprano and a tenor who want to make love, but a baritone won’t let them.)

    Anyway, on TV one time they were talking about the exercise that produced the most longevity in any one group, and it was discovered to be orchestra conductors.

    Apparently the amount of aerobic exercise they get constantly rehearsing for symphonies and then performing the works puts them in the highest-fit cardio-vascular category in the world.

    You know, it’s kind of interesting, because everyone thinks about running and the use of the legs. But apparently all of the arm activity ultimately produces superior results.

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