Getting ready for … Oh God, I don’t even want to write the words!

Bone graft. There. I said it. For the next two days I’m doing everything to prepare for a short period when I won’t be in any shape to anything, when I will be laying on the couch in agony, unable to function. I’ve been working and cleaning and doing the laundry. I’ve also been swimming every day because I won’t be able to swim for a week.

Unlike my first bone graft, this time I know exactly what I am in for. On the one hand, I don’t want to exaggerate it. The pain is manageable, and while I hate the swelling and looking horrifying for a month (yes, it takes that long although I realize most people won’t notice it like I do) in terms of bad life things, it barely counts. On the other hand though, the needles, slicing open a large area inside my mouth, the blood, my anxiety, fear, pain, I mean, ugh. Just … ugh.

This was yesterday, sitting out in front of the laundry. Pretty much everyone was absorbed in their phone. Not a criticism, by the way. The internet, and people, are absorbing. I love text messages.

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2 thoughts on “Getting ready for … Oh God, I don’t even want to write the words!

  1. Triple ugh! I hate to even think about it, you poor dear. Not sure if I missed it, but why do you have to have it done again? The previous one didn’t take afterall or not well enough? I hope this whole ordeal with your teeth will be over soon! Are you sufficiently stocked up with soft, but yummy stuff to eat? You have to have something to look forward to.

  2. Yeah, the previous one didn’t take, alas, and for reasons they think they can address this time.

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