There’s Got To Be a Morning After

Or so they sing. I’m sitting in a Starbucks right now, but I’m going to move onto the New York Public Library soon. This connection is painfully slow because it’s packed with people like me.

And, as usual, I need to forage for food. I had a salad and an orange last night and having fresh fruit and greens felt like a banquet. Now I want a real meal. I’ve been living on rice and beans and warmed up pizza.

The only casualty in my house was Bleeck’s whiskers above one eye, which were singed by a candle. I now have to block off the candle because he continues to be curious about it. (I will be getting a coleman lamp for the future, clearly candles are too dangerous in my household.)

Oh, and my camera needs to be repaired. AGAIN. Water must have gotten into it somehow during the hurricane. (That’ll teach me. I should be glad that’s the worst I suffered when I went out.)

There are two Manhattans. Those of us downtown, without power, and those who live uptown, for whom it’s business as usual. It was like this after 9/11. Not that people uptown weren’t affected, of course they were, but I’ll never forget going uptown a couple of weeks after, and people really were walking around like nothing happened, it was like being in another world.

I forgot: Thank you, Atlantic Metro (our co-location host) for getting us back up so insanely fast. And for being so helpful last night when I showed up, and for getting the serial console reconnected. And thank you to Echo’s tech, Jonathan Kay, for all his hard work (and sense of humor) during this emergency.

Hurricane Sandy Clean Up

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7 thoughts on “There’s Got To Be a Morning After

  1. I’m still advocating for you to get a Panasonic (hint). B&H is near you at 9th & 34th St(another hint).

    I have an LED lantern that I got at Target for when the power goes out here due to our summer thunderstorms. Brighter light and lasts much, much longer than a regular light bulb. And much, much safer than candles.

  2. Kudos to the Echo tech team for quick restoral of all service and magical preservation of email that arrived during the outage.

  3. Curious to know if you feel you did the right thing staying at home and not evacuating. I hope so, in spite of the vicissitudes.

  4. I am in Zone C and we weren’t told to evacuate and we weren’t flooded.

    Michael, the thing I’m talking about is actually the same thing, it’s a Coleman lamp that runs on 4 D batteries: Coleman 4D Rugged Personal Size Rugged Lantern. I was told it lights the whole room and I bookmarked it to buy after our last hurricane and then I never got around to buying it! One of the first things I’m going to do when the power returns is buy that and other things.

  5. No true curling up together but two times I found them almost next to each other. So, improvement.

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