New York City Got Off Easy

February 9th, 2013 Posted in Uncategorized

I took these last night, on my way home from the Loser’s Lounge. The snow was supposed to really start at 7, so it had only had been at it for a few hours, but as you can see there isn’t any serious accumulation. I looked out this morning, and there’s a little more, but still. Nothing to write home about for those of us in the City. (Except, I guess this is kinda writing home about it, in a way.)

So, who got truly hit?

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  1. 4 Responses to “New York City Got Off Easy”

  2. By Karen on Feb 9, 2013

    We got about 26″, a lot of roads not still not plowed (ours is), my brother got stuck for 16 hours on the LIE trying to get home at 10 pm.
    But we have power, we are warm and having eggplant parm and chocolate cake reward for 3 hours of shoveling/snowblowing. :). Can’t complain!

  3. By Stacy Horn on Feb 9, 2013

    Ohmygod, your brother. That’s a freaking nightmare. He didn’t stay in the car that whole time, did he??

  4. By Karen on Feb 10, 2013

    Yes he did – he was very happy to get home!

  5. By Stacy Horn on Feb 11, 2013

    That sounds unbearable. Was he too far from the nearest town to walk?

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