Easter Parade New York City 2013 vs 2012

I was just browsing Gothamist and the photographs they have there of this years Easter Parade down 5th Avenue when I spotted a couple of familiar faces. First, this guy and his dogs. I was sure I took his picture last year and sure enough …

Easter Parade, New York City, 2013

I did! I’m so glad his dogs are still with us. Notice how all three of them got nice new hats.

Easter Parade, 5th Avenue, 2012

Then there was this couple. I was sure I had taken their picture last year too …

Easter Parade, New York City, 2013

And once again, I had! Still looking fabulous, you two. Both of the pictures from this year were taken by Tod Seelie, and I have to concede, his pictures are better than mine. I love how his photographs look up the street and take in Fifth Avenue. It gives them life, and drama, and majesty. Mine definitely look ordinary in comparison. (Must try harder.) (Actually, you’ll probably see me copying the looking-up-the-street thing. The Humans of New York guy prefers that angle as well.)

Oh God, I just visited Seelie’s blog and his photographs are freaking mind-blowingingly amazing. He is so talented. They are breathtaking, Seriously. You to look. Here is the link again.

Easter Parade, 5th Avenue, 2012

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2 thoughts on “Easter Parade New York City 2013 vs 2012

  1. Hi, I just saw this article and that you had the phot of me with my two boys Bogie( Black Chi) and his twin brother Kimba. You did photograph us last year and it was so nice to see that you captured us again this year. I design couture for pets and take great pride and pleasure in my work. My work was recently publishe in a book which also features the boys on the cover titled Couture Dogs of New York. i just wanted to stop by and say hello and thank you.
    All my best

  2. Hi! The picture this year was actually taken by Tod Seelie. Your pet couture is amazing, seriously amazing. And your two absolutely adorable dogs look great on the cover of Couture Dogs of New York!

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