The Great Stacy and Her Apartment Makeover Update

April 3rd, 2013 Posted in Uncategorized

They said it would take three days. It’s been five. AND they’ve been working on one room only (the bedroom) AND actual painting hasn’t even begun. Ah well. I’m hoping against hope that they finish the bedroom and the bathroom today. Hell, I did the bathroom in a day myself in 2008, although at the time I called painting it myself “The Baddest Bad Idea I’ve Ever Had.” The room is so small and the ceiling so high that maneuvering and reaching everywhere was exhausting.

I’m having my final oral surgery tomorrow. If those two rooms were done I could put my apartment back to normal for a day and recuperate in relative comfort. I’m dreading this surgery. I’ve just got nothing left, pain-tolerance and brave-front wise. Sigh. Once more into the breach.

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