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I just saw the most horrible animal testing photograph involving cats, it was on Facebook. In the text underneath it said that Clinique was among the companies who tested on animals. I use Clinique for some things because I thought they didn’t test on animals and apparently they do. I checked the latest list, and almost none of the major brands are cruelty free. Ah, it’s because China requires animal testing and if companies want to sell in China they have to test on animals. Well, to hell with that. I understand that’s a big market to give up, but again, to hell with that.

Now I have to find affordable cruelty-free alternatives. Fortunately, it looks like most of the things I use are cruelty free, just out of sheer luck. The main things I need to find are moisturizers, both for the face and body. It looks like finding something for the face won’t be too hard, although all the nice affordable drugstore brands are not cruelty-free, alas. Two products I’ve used in the past are cruelty-free, MD Skincare (not cheap) and Avalon (more affordable). But tracking down a good, affordable body moisturizer is going to be more of a challenge. Any recommendations?

I saw this unattended cart with a cat carrier on top while walking back home from my last oral surgery (I need to walk, it shakes off the horror from the surgery). There was no cat inside.

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9 thoughts on “Affordable Cruelty-Free Products

  1. Stacy, I only use cruelty free everything. There are a few levels of cruelty free, and Ive done a lot of research into this, so I can email you with more info and some online lists. What is the best email address for you?

  2. Lisa, I didn’t get the email!

    Nadine, thank you. Someone else recommended Paula’s Choice to me as well, and I’m definitely going to explore that site. I have dry and sensitive skin.

  3. Stacy, I used the address that is on your website. Can you send me another one? I could paste the message here, but it is quite long.

  4. Me! It was me who also recommended Paula’s Choice (maybe it’s a North Carolina thing. Isn’t Nadine over in Winston-Salem?)

    I love her stuff. I have extremely oily skin with some nasty little things called sebaceous hyperplasia which in the past was treated with some very expensive laser treatments. Paula came out with a 9% BHA last year and they are almost gone! All her products are terrific. A little more expensive than buying soap at the drugstore, but it lasts; it works; and it gets to your house in a couple of days.

  5. Thank you Karen! I’m going to buy one of the sample sets!

    Lisa, that is so weird, I wonder why I didn’t get it. My email is

    It’s the only email I have.

  6. Ok I will try sending again, from both of my email addresses. Wonder if it went to your junk mail folder?? That sometimes happens to legit. Messages that I am sent. Anyway, will send again today.

  7. It did!! I checked before, but now they are all there. I’m looking into why this happened, it really should have. I’m going to go look at your email now!

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