TV Thoughts: Bunheads, Warehouse 13, SYTYC, Mad Men

Bunheads: Apparently this show is still in limbo, and there is no news about whether or not it’s coming back. Way to torture me, ABC Family. Well, two can play this game. Until you renew this show, I’m not speaking to you. See how long you last.

Warehouse 13: I may have already posted about this, but Warehouse 13 has been cancelled, although it will have a final season, so at least we’ll have closure. My thoughts on this: I’m going to stop falling in love with tv characters.

So You Think You Can Dance: This show has gotten even better. I love that they’ve eliminated the remaining negative bits almost entirely. I certainly don’t mind conflict, but I’m not interested in seeing bad or insane dancers and I especially don’t want to see them made fun of even if they kinda deserve it. So I love the focus on the positive in this show, and the great dancing and GOOD GOD the dancing in the auditions has been mind-blowing.

Mad Men: The other morning, out of the blue, I watched a couple of episodes of Mad Men. I haven’t been watching this show because the 1st episode gave me a PTSD attack. It was too good, essentially. It so well captured the worst of a period of time I caught the tail end of, and I guess I’m still traumatized by it. But those few episodes I watched? Oh dear. How many years has this been on?

I tweeted this picture the other day, it’s of my new kitten Bleeck who is a complete and total SLUT, as you can see.

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5 thoughts on “TV Thoughts: Bunheads, Warehouse 13, SYTYC, Mad Men

  1. Argh! Not Warehouse 13! I have a permanent program on my Tivo for it. So sad… 🙁 However, maybe Jane Espenson will bring us something even better. And there is always “Once Upon a Time” which she produces. Of course, I confess I couldn’t get into her “Battlestar Galactica” – that camera was too shaky! Hmm… maybe I am watching too much tv…

  2. Mad Men is absolutely terrific and has been going for 7 seasons now. I’d try and watch it from the beginning like any TV show just so you can savour the narrative thread/character development. The script is fabulous, the sets visually stunning and accurate, and the background history is always done with subtlety. Best thing on TV for me !

  3. I have to chime in about “Mad Men.” I’m watching it on Netflix starting from the first season. I was a teen in the late 60s, and can identify with the situations — it’s especially accurate about a woman’s role in that era. Very good background research to be accurate, as well as interesting characters you can’t help become attached to! I watch an episode every night just before sleep, gets my mind off daily turmoil.

    Highly recommend it — but do start from the first episode. I’ve even avoided the new promos on AMC, afraid I’ll learn something I don’t want to know in advance. Ha!

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