Ridiculously, Insanely Tired. And Yet, I Must Swim 1 Mile Tonight!

July 18th, 2013 Posted in Uncategorized

Note to Stephen and Michelle: Thank you for the cab ride home and the delicious dinner at Elephant & Castle!

I called the Swim Program of the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation to tell them they got the number of laps wrong for the pool at Tony Dapolito. The conversation went like this.

Them: We’ve been doing this for 12 years and 112 laps = 1 mile is what we’ve always used.
Me: But a lap at the Tony Dapolito pool is 50 feet (according to their own website!). If you do the math, that comes to 105.6 laps = 1 mile.
Them: We’ve used 112 for 12 years.
Me: But it’s wrong.
Them: It’s what we’ve always used.
Me: [Speechless.]
Them: Well, we’ll look into it.
Me: [Thinking in my head: no you won’t.]
Them: [Thinking in their head: Hahaha. Yeah. We’ll look into it.]

I also sent email, so we shall see. I’m going to try to swim a mile and a quarter each night, because I can’t always get there at the times where they keep track.

I saw this old prison window when I was downtown looking for the Chatham Street Chapel plaque. This is one of the places where prisoners were kept and where they died during the British occupation.

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