I Haven’t Been Talking about My July 23rd Presentation Enough

On July 23rd, aka next Tuesday, at 8pm, I’m going to be giving a presentation about the History and Science of Group Singing at the Observatory in Brooklyn ($5 admission). I’ve got all the photographs I need, I think, and today I’ll be making notes and practicing my talk. I’ll try it out first on these guys.

I took that picture when it reached 1,000 degrees in New York City. I’ll never understand cats. They don’t necessarily seek out the warms spots when it’s cold and they don’t sit in the path of the air conditioner when it’s 1,000 degrees out.

Anyway, come to my talk. The truth is, public speaking scares me a little so part of me is thinking, “No that’s alright, you don’t have to come to my talk.” But the people hosting my presentation would not be thrilled to read that. So come to my talk and I will explain, convincingly, why you should sing even if you don’t think you’re particularly great at it.

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3 thoughts on “I Haven’t Been Talking about My July 23rd Presentation Enough

  1. If I lived in NYC, I would be there! I’m sure it will be great. Love your carpet, and yes, kitties are odd when it comes to temperature. One of mine hides under the bed when it gets hot, and on the West coast of Canada, it’s “hot” now, but certainly not the 1000 degrees that you are dealing with.

  2. You’ve got a Siamese and a moggie and it’s the SIAMESE who’s the frat boy???

    I actually love public speaking: I adore a captive audience. Remember that your audience is pulling for you, they WANT to like you, they do not want to see you fail, they will do everything they can to help make your talk a success — really. Audiences are very very generous that way.

    Also, the author of 80 children’s books and hundreds of book events told me: People are easily amused. I found that immensely reassuring in the nicest way possible.

  3. The siamese is the DEVIL.

    Thank you Lisa and Vivian. I will calm down. I’ll probably feel better after doing a run-through for myself to day so I can see what I have.

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